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June 2018

Top 5 irresistible and simple home made dog treats

Top 5 irresistible and simple home made dog treats

Home made dog treats are not only significantly cheaper but also you can be 100% sure of what’s in them. Healthy but yet irresistibly tasty treats for your special friend are surprisingly easy to make and we can guarantee you won’t be working alone in the kitchen!

We have listed our Top5 DIY treats that we recommend you to try and if required, modify to your dog’s liking.

Happy baking everyone!

Peanut Butter & Honey Pupcakes (adaptation from Sprinklebakes)

These delicious pupcakes are a great addition to your furry friends special day e.g. birthday, meeting with siblings or friends etc…!

Photo: Sprinklebakes




Although pupsicles are a great treat for a hot summer’s day, they can be equally enjoyed on a warm afternoon sun during the winter months. Adapt your pupsicles according to your dog’s liking. In stead of chicken stock, you can use beef stock or plain water. And you can include any treats, fruits or vegetables in them. Just make sure you use ingredients your dog can eat. Find more inspiration from Pupsy Insta Board “Can my dog eat…?”!



Chicken jerky

Home made chicken jerky is a great treat for training or rewarding your pup’s good behaviour! If your dog gets allergic symptoms from chicken treats, you can also try a similar method with beef or liver. If you are using liver, boil it for 10-15 minutes before slicing and placing it in the oven. Your dog will also love the boiling water so don’t throw away this nutritious drink.



Dog biscuits

Dog biscuits are another super cute treat for special occasions but can be also used for a rewarding treat on a more regular occasion.



Carrot & Apple treats (adaptation from For the Love of Pooch)

Sweet flavours of the grated carrots and the apple sauce will create a totally irresistible combination for your dog! Fast and simple to make, Carrot and Apple treats makes a great way to reward those good behaviours of your special friend!

Photo: For the love of Pooch



We will guarantee those happy tails and thankful eyes will be worth a tiny little effort for making home made treats for your furry friend.

And you will save money and reward your dog with healthy treats baked with love!

Happy baking everyone!

My dog has a smelly breath, what should I do?

My dog has a smelly breath, what should I do?

Early morning and your puppy is looking adorably right into your soul and then without the warning that tongue reaches your face! Very cute but what if your dog has a smelly breath? If you own a Cavalier King Charles, Pug, Malteses, Chihuahua, Greyhound, Shetland Sheepdog or Yorkshire Terrier, we recommend to continue reading as they are more prone to dental diseases than other breeds.

What causes smelly breath with dogs?

It can be a symptom of several diseases such as diabetes, mouth tumour or a sign of upcoming teeth problem such as Periodontal Disease. No matter what the cause is, good dental care is critical for your dog’s well being. As a bare minimum it is likely to save you a huge vet bill in the future.


Periodontal Disease

Periodontal Disease is maybe the most common condition on dogs. If your pup has reached 3 years of age, it is very likely there are early signs of this condition. Some of the most popular dog breeds in Australia have a higher tendency to have this condition than others. These breeds include Cavalier King Charles, Pug, Malteses, Chihuahua, Greyhound, Shetland Sheepdog and Yorkshire Terrier.

Best and easiest prevention and treatment is brushing your dog’s teeth. You can also supplement this by giving your dog dental sticks, dental powder, water additives or dental supplements.


Oral tumours

Oral tumours may also cause bad breath, excessive drooling or even bleeding. This mouth disease is significantly more rare that periodontal disease. Tumours can be removed through a surgery. In particular benign growths are relatively simple to operate, while cancer cells will require more significant treatments.



Just like us humans, dogs can also get diabetes, in particularly if they are overweight. This will cause a disgustingly sweet or fruity smelling breath. Treatment is no different to us that is your dog will require regular insuline shots. You can give them to your dog at home. Best prevention is to keep your dog on healthy diet, provide enough exercise and monitor the weight.


Kidney diseases

Kidney diseases will cause bad, ammonia like breath. You dog is likely to drink excessive amounts of water, urine heavily and in many cases vomiting and diarrhea are also common. Fluid treatment and changing diet are the likely treatments required.


When is the right time to consult the vet?

If your dog’s breath smells like urine or unusually sweet you should consult your vet immediately as these are the signs of non-dental diseases. If your dog is vomiting, has diarrhea or the bad breath simple remains for more than a few days, we would strongly recommend to contact your vet.



Best dog friendly Park & Pub combinations

Best dog friendly Park & Pub combinations

Talking about win-win. Dog friendly pub next to an amazing dog park. Spend a special afternoon with your special friend!

Why not taking your dog to somewhere new! Just watch that tail go crazy, ears lifting up and head tilting from side to side when you make that suggestion to your furry friend. To unleash the full potential of your adventure to the unknown, we have selected the best Pub & Park combos for you to choose from.

Let the adventure begin! For those hot summer days, check out also The 10 best From Beach to Bar combos

Rowland Reserve & Newport

This combo makes your adventure to the Northern Beaches worthwhile. Although it may be more of a summer thing to do, 24h off the lead Rowland Reserve is definitely worth a visit any time of the year. Large green area combined with the dog friendly beach and water access is guaranteed to make your dog happy.

The Newport is just a short drive away across the water and has more than plenty of drink and food options to choose from. And your pup is welcome to join you anywhere in the pub!


Other dog friendly places nearby:

Mona Vale Headlands

Centennial Park & Grand National

Centennial Parklands is one of the largest 24h off the lead areas in Sydney. Your pup is allowed to sniff freely off the lead anywhere outside the Grand Drive. Most popular spots can be found around the Federation Pavillion and Queens Park.

After a happy playtime, walk across the Oxford Street to the dog friendly pub The Grand National. This Paddington icon welcomes your pup inside the bar. They have great selection of beers on tap, beautiful wines and tasty pub menu.


Other dog friendly places nearby:

The London

Glebe Foreshore & The Annandale

Glebe Foreshore offers some great walking tracks for you and your dog (see our detailed blog Amazing dog walking area right next door to Sydney CBD). There are multiple 24h off the lead areas for your pup to play while your are enjoying the amazing harbour views.

The Annandale is a short drive (or 20min walk) away from Glebe Foreshore and offers a great experience for both you and your dog! Dogs are welcome inside to join you for a great selection of local craft beers and mouth-watering burgers. It is a live music venue so evenings are probably out of the question for those fluffy ears.


Other dog friendly places nearby:

Wayward Brewing

Prince Alfred Park & The Duck Inn

This is a great Sunday afternoon combo. Prince Alfred Park is 24h off the lead and plenty of room to sniff and chase. It is a great example of how parks can fulfil the needs of the entire community. Sports fields, outdoor swimming pools, playgrounds, off the lead areas and place to sit and relax are all made possible with smart planning and park management.

The local secret, The Duck Inn is only a few minutes drive or 5-10 minutes walk away from the park. It has a cosy and chilled out atmosphere with comfy couches and welcoming English style pub area. Dogs are allowed inside except for the formal dining area.


Other dog friendly places nearby:

The Carrington

Victoria Park

Camperdown Memorial Rest Park & The Marlborough Hotel

If you are looking for a great community feel on a lazy weekend afternoon, Camperdown Memorial Rest Park is your spot. Off the lead hours are 4pm-9am on the weekends and 24h during the week. Picnic goers, families & friends, random musicians and dogs of all breeds are the usual sights here.

Once you are ready to wave the tail goodbye, visit the dog friendly The Marlborough Hotel (or Marly) for an afternoon pint and a snack. Your dog will get an amazing amount of attention from the locals as well as the staff and the best part, furry friends are allowed to join you everywhere in the pub. Great meals


Other dog friendly places nearby:

Young Henrys Brewing

Grifters Brewing Company

The Courthouse Hotel

Marks Park & BBPB

Marks Park is an off the lead park with views that are hard to find anywhere else! From the northern end you can enjoy the ocean breeze with the entire Bondi Beach in front of you, while the coastal walk curving around Tamarama and Bronte opens towards the south. Dogs are allowed off the lead between 4.30pm-8.30am, which gives you plenty of time for a play before sunset.

Follow the Coastal Walk down the hill towards Bondi Beach. Just after the Bondi Pavillion on Campbell Parade you will find the Bondi Beach Public Bar. This eastern suburbs newcomer is a great place  for an “after play” refreshment. BBPB is the only place in Eastern Suburbs where dogs are allowed inside the bar! This brand new bar has some cocktails to die for and delicious Mediterranean inspired food menu.


Other dog friendly places nearby:

Bucket List

St Leonards Park & The Greens

This is our favourite combo for families with dogs. St Leonards Park is 24h off the lead and offers a large area for you and your family to play with the furry members.

And once the youngest members feel like changing the scenery, the dog friendly bowling club The Greens is right in the middle of it all! It is very popular spot with families to gather on Sundays for a casual lunch or special occasions e.g. birthdays. Dogs are allowed outside but unfortunately not inside or in the bowling area.


Happy adventures everyone! Why don’t you leave us a comment and let us know your favourite Park & Pub combos in Sydney.

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Discovering dog friendly Sydney – Adventures of Lumi the Groodle –  Inner West

Discovering dog friendly Sydney – Adventures of Lumi the Groodle –  Inner West

Woof everyone,

Boy,  do I have a story to tell from this weekend’s adventure to the dog friendly Inner West! My human parents asked if I was ready to go somewhere new, which got me so excited that I might have accidentally jumped onto the couch… Thankfully they understood that I was just so happy to hear those words.


Victoria Park | Pupsy  Victoria Park | Pupsy

First stop was at Victoria Park in Camperdown where I immediately spotted a friend who was ready for a chase. What was I thinking, Groodle vs Kelpie? What chances do you think I had on that? Anyway, I went for it regardless. I was pretty exhausted after a while and decided to follow my nose in stead. What is that delicious perfume? I cannot resist that. Oh, there it is. I really need to roll on it right now. And then it happened. My human dad grabbed me just when I was ready to get that perfume on my fur. I don’t understand why my human parents wouldn’t like that yummy rubbish on me.

Anyway, I would rate Victoria Park with 4 bones as it is large enough for me to run like crazy without disturbing others. Unfortunately we are only allowed off the lead in the mornings and from 6pm onwards 🙁 4 BONES


The Duck Inn | Pupsy  The Duck Inn | Pupsy

My human dad suggested going for a drink around the corner. I wasn’t too excited at first as this might mean that I need to stay outside. But then he revealed the best thing ever; I’m invited inside the bar as well! I almost ran into a lamppost out of pure joy.

As soon as we walked into The Duck Inn, everyone greeted me with crazy amount of cuddles. I didn’t see the ducks anywhere though but never mind I was happy with the attention alone. My human mum said we needed to come back on Tuesday for the Doggy Date Night. I have no idea what that is but it sounds pawsome and I’m in. Food looked irresistible and I’m kind of happy that my human parents didn’t order anything.

The Duck Inn | Pupsy  The Duck Inn | Pupsy


Back into the car (not my favourite place by the way) and as soon as I jumped in I remembered that I forgot to do my 7th wee. Luckily Young Henry’s Brewery wasn’t too far and I could relief myself just a few minutes later. Again I was welcomed inside and this time I was the only dog in the hoods. That’s the way wo-of wo-of, I like it, wo-of wo-of. One of the bartenders gave me some water and everyone thought I was super cute, which I know is the case, but it is still nice to hear that. My human dad refilled his beer bottle (looked like a canister to me) and then I heard the magic words: Lumi, do you wanna go to the park? I’M READY!!!



We went to the nearby Camperdown Memorial Rest Park. I made some new friends right away. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (although she smelled more like a queen to me) and a Rottweiler puppy (who was as big as I am) where there among many others. Oh yeah, and another Kelpie that I decided not to challenge for a run this time. Learned my lesson even without a treat, you see.


Very nice community and the place was full of interesting things to sniff as many humans seems to come there for a picnic. And a water station for me, which was very much in need after playing fetch with my new mates.




Apparently I wasn’t the only one who got thirsty so it was time to go and check out another dog friendly pub, which is literally 3 puppy pawsteps away. The Courthouse has a big dog friendly beer garden but to my surprise I was also asked to come and say hello to everyone at the bar inside! They were quite a few of us four legged creatures at the Courty, one even had a jacket and a beanie. Not my cup of chicken soup but he looked kind of funky.


Finally, it was time to head home for my favourite part of the day. Yeah you guessed it, dinnertime. After my food, I all of a sudden realised that I’m actually knackered. So I decided to roll into my favourite spot and let my human parents enjoy some quality time without me.

See you soon at my next adventure!

Lumi the Groodle

Amazing dog walking area right next door to Sydney CBD | Glebe Foreshore

Amazing dog walking area right next door to Sydney CBD | Glebe Foreshore



Glebe Foreshore is a stunningly beautiful dog walking area with multiple parks and viewing points towards the Anzac Bridge and Rozelle Bay. It is one of the best dog walking areas only a few minutes away from the CBD.

If you arrive by car, you can park at the parking area on Chapman Road right next to the Federal Park. PetO is conveniently located opposite the car park in case you needed to get a ball or some treats for your walk.


Dogs at Bicentennial Park
Game on at the off lead area in Bicentennial Park!


Start your journey by releasing some of your pup’s excitement with a little play at the Federal Park or Bicentennial Park off the lead areas. If the weather allows, your dog has even access for a quick swim at the edge of the Bicentennial Park. Although the park sometimes gets busy, it is large enough not to feel too crowded. Bicentennial Park was established in 1988 to commemorate 200 years of white settlement in NSW.
Once your furry friend is ready, start your walk towards the Blackwattle Bay along the Rozelle Bay shoreline. This is an easy and picturesque walk, however remember to leash your dog when crossing to the eastern side of the Bicentennial Park.


Stunning views from Pope Paul VI Reserve


Right after the Jubilee Park you will arrive to the Pope Paul VI Reserve, established to commemorate the first ever papal visit in 1970. Slow down, relax and enjoy the unique viewing point over the three iconic bridges: Anzac Bridge, Glebe Island Bridge and the Harbour Bridge. From this point onwards your dog can roam freely off the lead all the way up to the Sydney University Women’s Rowing Club.


Great dog beach at Blackwattle Bay!


Blackwatttle Bay Park is another great off the lead area where your dog can meet new friends for a tail wagging play. You may decide to turn back or continue a little further to the Wentworth Park off the lead area, located north of the Greyhound Stadium. If you feel super energetic, you could even walk across the Anzac Bridge and come around the entire Rozelle Bay, which would take you approximately 2h altogether. Alternatively, you can return through the small streets in Glebe to admire all the Victorian homes and Federation houses.


Food & drinks galore @ Tramsheds


On your return to the Federal Park have a quick look at the Tramsheds located between Dalgal Way and Maxwell Road. Unfortunately your dog is not allowed inside but there is a rather cute dog parking station just outside the Tramshed in case you want to have a quick peak or pick some delicious treats or maybe a bottle of artisan wine. Some of the cafes have outdoor seating areas for both you and your dog to enjoy the coffee together. Or simply reward yourself with an ice cream from Messina!


Plenty of room to play!


From here you can either return to your car or continue your walk along the Johnstons Creek through Smith Hogan & Spindlers Park towards Annandale. Most of the park is off lead except the end of the park (area is well signed so just follow the signs). You can return on the cute little walk path on the other side of the canal.




Dog friendly pubs near Glebe Foreshore


By now you must be ready for some refreshments! There are two excellent dog friendly venues nearby where your dog is allowed inside the main bar with you. Our Venue of the Month Wayward Brewing is an easy 15mins walk from the Tramshed and offers a unique brewery experience for both you and your dog. Or you can drop by at the iconic The Annandale Hotel located 20mins walk from Tramshed on the corner of Parramatta Road and Nelson Street. Normally you can find a parking spot relatively near both of the venues in case you wanted to drive a little closer.



Let the tail wagging adventure begin!

Discover other dog friendly places on Pupsy!