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Archive for October 2018

From Beach to Bar | 10 Best Dog Friendly Beach & Bar Combos

Life’s a dog friendly beach! And to make life even better  these 10 dog beaches have a dog friendly bar close by.  We have listed the best dog friendly beaches in Sydney together with the best dog friendly bars to go for an “after beach” drink! Technically there is only one ocean beach in Sydney…

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The Ultimate Guide to Dog Friendly Southern Highlands

Dog Friendly Travel: NSW Southern Highlands Edited by: Ella Holgate We know how much planning it takes to travel with your dog. Finding dog friendly accommodation can be a daunting task in itself, not to mention discovering the best dog walks or dog parks at your destination. Your dog might also get car sickness, in which case we…

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What you should know about long car trips with your dog

At some point you will need to take a long car trip with your dog. This may be required to move, go on holidays or visit relatives. Long car rides can be perfectly safe for your dog, and stress free, but there are steps you should take to help your dog in the car. Reducing…

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How to master a pawfect Pupsy profile photo of your dog

6 Top Tips on how you can take a pawfect photo of your dog to help your pup shine above all the rest! Increase your chances for new Pupsy connections with other dogs by mastering your dog’s profile photo or uploading some great photos of your dog for the Newsfeed! (Instructions here) Remember at Pupsy…

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11 Best Activities To Do With Your Dog On A Rainy Day?

What to do with my dog on a rainy day? No worries, there are still plenty of activities you can do with your dog on a rainy day and we have listed some of the best ideas right here! We are very confident your dog will find some if not all of these super exciting!…

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