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May 2019

Dog Friendly Sydney: Eastern Suburbs

Dog Friendly Sydney: Eastern Suburbs

How to spend a memorable day in the Eastern Suburbs with your dog? This article will reveal maybe a little less known dog friendly places as well as the iconic dog walks and dog friendly pubs from Watsons Bay in the north to Kingsford in the south; Bondi in the East to Double Bay in the West.

No lamp post has been left “unsniffed” and no off leash area “unplayed”. This is your ultimate guide to a dog friendly Eastern Suburbs!

Trails & Ales

Eastern Suburbs are home to some of the most amazing walks in Sydney and many of them are great to explore with your dog. We have selected the best walks, which also include some off leash playtime with your pooch and a dog friendly venues to stop for a drink (or two).

Cooper Park ➣ 🐾🐾 ➣ The Golden Sheaf

Time: 60-90mins | Level: Easy | Off Leash Areas: 2

Lumi exploring Cooper Park

Cooper Park is one of the most mesmerising places in the entire Eastern Suburbs. It is nearly impossible to remember that you are in the heart of the city while wondering around the park that feels more like rainforest that a city park.

Start your walk from the Lower Cooper Park near the tennis courts and car park. Circle around the park following the Rosewood Walk or any other route until you end up back where you started. You can walk up the range or remain at the bottom of the park near the water. Either way, your walk will take about 20-30mins depending on the route you choose.

Playtime @ Lower Cooper Park off leash area

On you return, head to the Lower Cooper Park or Lough Paying Fields off leash area for a game of fetch, meet some new friends or just chill out before heading to the dog friendly pub, The Golden Sheaf.

The Golden Sheaf is one of the most dog friendly pubs in Sydney. Therefore it is no surprise you will very often find other furry friends at the covered and heated dog friendly beer garden.

Puppy Paradise @ The Golden Sheaf

While you can choose from a great variety of beers, wines and cocktails, it is your pooch that is up for a real treat! The Golden Sheaf have developed a special Doggie Menu together with Southern Cross Vets that is guaranteed to please even more demanding pups. The menu includes mouthwatering pug-cicles for the warmer days, BFF (best furry friend) biscuits for puppies feeling a little peckish and as a crown The Ultimate Pooch Poke Bowl that will even make you feel like ordering one (consider yourself warned!).

Single ladies and gentlemen, make note of the monthly Dating with Dogs event taking place at the Rooftop.

Off leash Areas on the Trail:

Lower Cooper Park | Lough Playing Fields

Bondi to Bronte ➣ 🐾🐾 ➣ Bondi Beach Public Bar

Time: 1-2h return | Level: Medium | Off Leash Areas: 2

Early morning @ Bondi to Bronte Coastal Walk

Iconic coastal walk that needs no introductions. It does tempt to get busy especially during the summer months so we recommend to do this walk in the morning or maybe a little later in the afternoon. Regardless of the time you choose, you and your dog will both love this dog friendly coastal walk.

Soon after leaving Bondi, you will pass an off leash area at Marks Park (twice if you return to Bondi) with access to water, toilets, poo bags and a great grassy area to have a play.

Playtime @ Marks Park

Stop for a coffee at one of the many coffee shops in Bronte or simply get a take away and sit by the Promenade or maybe visit an off leash area at the back of the Bronte Park. This part of the park does get rather muddy after the rain but is normally fine during the sunny days.

Dog Friendly Bondi Beach Public Bar

Return to Bondi and visit the most dog friendly pub in the area, Bondi Beach Public Bar. You and your dog are both welcome inside for a refreshment. While you are enjoying your favourite drink, your pooch is guaranteed to get heaps of attention from other patrons and the staff. The Bucket List also invites dogs on the outdoor area, which tempts to get very busy during the summer weekends but is perfect for off peak visits.

Off leash areas on the Trail:

Marks Park | Bronte Park

Dover Heights Coastal Walk ➣ 🐾🐾 ➣ Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel

Time: 2-3h return | Level: Medium | Off Leash Areas: 3

Vaucluse Coastal Walk

Less know coastal walk with equally (if not more) amazing views of the ocean. Start your walk from the Raleigh Reserve off leash area and walk all the way to the other side of the Rodney Reserve sports field. Walk up to Military Road and stop at Dudley Page Reserve (not off leash) for some amazing views of the city.

Stunning views from Raleigh Reserve off leash area

Follow Military Road to Diamond Bay Reserve where you have access to water and another off leash play. Then continue on the cliff walk up to Marne Street and head straight towards the Christison Park and the Lighthouse Reserve, both 24h off leash. Follow the coastal path all the way down to dog friendly The Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel.

The Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel

Off leash areas on the Trail:

Raleigh Reserve | Diamond Bay Reserve | Christison Park | Lighthouse Reserve

Dog Friendly Bars & Cafes

There are plenty of pubs and bars particularly in and around Bondi and Double Bay but surprisingly few welcome your dog to join you. Luckily the ones that welcome your dog, REALLY welcome them rather than just allow them. We have listed the most amazing dog friendly bars and cafes in the Eastern Suburbs.

The Golden Sheaf

429 New South Head Road, Double Bay

Everything from special Doggie Menu to Dating with Dogs events. The Golden Sheaf is arguably the best dog friendly pub in the Eastern Suburbs! Your dog is welcome on the partly covered and heated beer garden.

Bondi Beach Public Bar

203 Campbell Parade, Bondi

Dog friendly heaven for Bondi dog owners welcoming you and your pooch inside the bar, which comes handy particularly during the colder months of the year! Check out the trendy cocktails and cool lounge vibes at the BBPB!

The Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel

1 Military Road, Watsons Bay

Popular place for visitors near and far. Cool beach tunes and colourful dog friendly beer garden is a a guaranteed winner. Expect heaps of attention for your pooch from the fellow bar goers!

Bucket List

Bondi Pavilion, Bondi Beach

From pop up to local icon, Bucket List is a super popular destination for locals and visitors. Dogs are welcome on the large ocean facing outdoor area, which gets rather busy during the summer weekends but great place to sit and relax with your dog during the slower periods.

The Regent Hotel

416 Anzac Parade, Kingsford

The best dog friendly venue in the southern part of Eastern Suburbs! Regular host for doggie events & dogs are welcome inside the front bar away from the cold and rain. Great dog friendly beer garden for warmer days!

Storehouse on the Park

100 Bayswater Road, Rushcutters Bay

Cosy garden at the back of the cafe serves a special doggie menu and even has a special doggie corners full of toys and bedding. Straight access from the Rushcutters Bay Park side makes it a pur-fect place to enjoy a morning coffee after a walk & play at the park!

Off Leash Areas in the Eastern Subs

Raleigh Reserve, Dover Heights

There are plenty of off leash areas to choose from in the Eastern Suburbs. We would highly recommend you to visit at least Rose Bay Foreshore (great for swimming), Raleigh Reserve and Marks Park (views), Christison Park (size) and Rushcutters Bay (meeting new friends).

All off leash areas in the Eastern Suburbs are listed below. You can also find all off leash parks and beaches in Sydney from our Places & Services section!


Dickson Park | Waverley Park


Bronte Park


Burrows Park


Bardon Park | Baker Park | Trenerry Reserve | Blenheim Reserve | Bangor Park

Double Bay

Steyne Park| Lough Playing Fields & Lower Cooper Park | Rushcutters Bay Park

Dover Heights

Raleigh Reserve | Hugh Bamford Reserve


Paine Reserve


Pioneers Park | Ella Reserve


Snape Park | Broadarrow Reserve | Nagle Park | Coral Sea Park

Rose Bay

Dumaresq Reserve & Rose Bay Foreshore | Lyne Park


Marks Park


Diamond Bay Reserve | Christison Park

We would love to hear from your experience!

Did your dog find his/her new favourite dog friendly spot? Was the place you visited not as dog friendly as you expected?

Leave a review and help other dog owners to find the best places to visit with their dogs. Your review will also be super valuable for the dog friendly venues to improve their dog friendliness!

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5 Best Dog Friendly Winter Beaches in Sydney!

5 Best Dog Friendly Winter Beaches in Sydney!

Cooler months don’t mean we should shy away from going to the beach. It is actually a pur-fect time to take our dogs for a run & play on one of the off leash beaches around Sydney. Although we would love to see more dog friendly beaches in Sydney, there are several to choose from.

Although there are several fantastic off leash dog beaches in Sydney such as Greenhills Beach in Cronulla, Horderns Beach in Bundeena or Silver Beach in Kurnell, we have collected the best dog friendly off leash beaches in Sydney for you to visit during the cooler months of the year! You can find all Dog Friendly Beaches in Sydney from our website!

Bicentennial Park

Glebe | City of Sydney Council

Protected most of the time from the harsh southerly winds, Bicentennial Park is a great dog friendly beach to visit with your dog during the colder months. Although it is not technically a dog beach, dogs can have a swim on this harbour side off leash area or just simply have a good old rumble with their mates on the large green off leash park area. Dog friendly pubs, The Annandale Hotel and Wayward Brewing are both located 15-20 minutes walk away.

Curl Curl Lagoon

Curl Curl | Northern Beaches Council

Although North Curl Curl Lagoon may not have the clearest water in Sydney, it is very shallow making it a great place to go for a play. Stroll along the shoreline (on lead) all the way to Freshwater Beach and back (approx. 4km return) is an excellent walk to keep warm on those cold winter days. Head to the dog friendly 7th Day Brewery located only a few minutes away for an after beach drink. Dogs are welcome inside!

Rose Bay Foreshore

Rose Bay | Woollahra Council

Rose Bay can get a little windy at times but it’s vast sandy off leash beach combined with shallow waters makes it a great beach to visit with your dog also during the cooler months. On a low tide walk along the beach all the way to Lyne Park off leash area for a play before heading back.

Rowland Reserve

Bayview | Northern Beaches Council

Rowland Reserve is one of the best (if not THE best) off leash beach in Sydney. Large grassy area to play with your dog, beach to run around and shallow waters to go fishing. That’s right, there area plenty of small fish around the bay and almost without an exception you will witness at least one of the furry friends attempting to catch them (normally the retrievers;-)). The beach is also relatively shelter from nasty winds and there are plenty of options nearby to go for a after play drink. Choose from Modus Operandi, The Newport and The Park House.

Sirius Cove

Mosman | Mosman Council

Well hidden dog friendly off leash beach in a small cove in the heart of Mosman. Surrounding trees provide shelter and the grassy area offers plenty of space for a run and rumble. Take few steps down to the beach and enjoy the views of the boats in the harbour.

We would love to hear from your experience!

Did your dog find his/her new favourite dog beach? Was the place you visited not as dog friendly as you expected?

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Dog Friendly Travel Guide: Orange & Mudgee

Dog Friendly Travel Guide: Orange & Mudgee

by Rebecca Francis & Pupsy

Surrounded by valleys of vines, peaceful farmland, and rolling hills, it’s impossible not to be charmed by the Central West region of New South Wales. Renowned for its exceptional food and wine, there is much to smell, taste and explore with your canine companion in tow. And where better to start than the historic towns of Orange and Mudgee?

A mere four hours from Sydney, and around two hours apart from one another, the regional towns are known for their cool climate wines and their sensational, fresh produce. Wander, shop, eat and drink your way around this stunning region with your furry friend by your side. Dog-friendly wineries, pubs, cafes and more are all eagerly awaiting your arrival. Coffee stops, long lunches, and wine tasting are just the beginning!

We found out just how dog-friendly the wine region of Orange and Mudgee in Central West New South Wales really is…. This is what also makes this historical town at the foothills of Great Dividing Range a pur-fect place to go on holiday with your dog.

Where to Stay?


Towac Valley Cabins

809 Canobolas Road, Canobolas

Enjoy the majestic views of the Mount Canobolas and the horses in the paddocks next door. The ultimate relaxation is guaranteed in this beautiful and cosy dog friendly countryside hideaway!


166 McLachlan Street, Orange

Dog friendly holiday home in the heart of Orange! Make Arden your base and explore everything Orange has to offer by foot! Fenced garden makes it safe even for the more exploring pups!

Casa Dolce Cottage

74 Dalton Street, Orange

Escaping “la vida loca” (the crazy life), dog friendly Casa Dolce Cottage is your cosy holiday home to simply chill!


Black Rose Cottage

Burrundulla Avenue, Mudgee

This charming 3 bedroom holiday home is pur-fect place to set up your headquarters during your next visit to Mudgee. Relax in front of the open fire with a perfect book and your furry companion, and of course a glass of the finest local produce.


146 Market Street, Mudgee

5 STAR luxury boutique accommodation for you and your pooch to travel in style. Choose your favourite villa and enjoy all the comforts Evanslea has to offer. If you are travelling with a larger group, you can also rent the entire main building for the ultimate luxury!

Almas Cottage

154 Market Street, Mudgee

Almas Cottage is a dog friendly 3 bedroom holiday home located only a kilometre away from the town centre. Double glazed windows keep the house cool in the summer and warm during the colder months. You are even welcome to bring your horse with you!

Bandalong Cottage

282 Hill End Road, Mudgee

Bandalong Cottages have 3 different villas available. The two bedroom cosy villa called Kurrajong is dog friendly. Enjoy your private space, set up a fire in the evening and sit back and listen to the calmness of the nature!

Dog Friendly Wineries, Pubs & Breweries


Borrodell Vineyard

298 Lake Canobolas Road, Orange

The sky is the limit at this vineyard! Sitting pretty at an altitude of over 1030 metres above sea-level, Borrodell is one of Australia’s highest vineyards and is known for its stunning views, sensational cool climate wines and an abundance of fresh produce grown on the property. Dogs are welcome on the terrace with owners as long as they stay on a lead. The accomodation is also pet friendly if you decide to stay the night after a few glasses of vino.


Di Lusso Estate

Eurunderee Lane, Mudgee

Just 7kms outside Mudgee, di Lusso Estate offers Australia’s largest range of Italian varietal wines. The cellar door is open every day of the week and has over seventeen Italian varietals and blends available for you to try, while the restaurant is open for lunch only, Friday-Saturday, and serves up delicious wood-fired pizza and regional Mediterranean favourites. Dogs are allowed to join you in the cellar door, and water bowls are readily available at the outdoor seating area.

Moothi Estate

85 Rocky Waterhole Road, Mudgee

Located on the northwest facing slopes of Mount Frome, Moothi Estate offers award-winning wines, spectacular views and generous lunch platters. Dogs are welcome to join owners in the cellar door and there is air-conditioned indoor seating and heated outdoor seating for the cooler months. They even have two cellar door dogs of their own who love to play with guests.

Woolpack Hotel

67 Market Street, Mudgee

Tuck in to some great pub food at the lively Woolpack Hotel, an iconic country hotel located in the heart of Mudgee. Full of country charm, there are plenty of spaces for you to enjoy a local wine, cocktail or craft beer. Your furry friend is welcome to join you in the covered outdoor area and water bowls are readily available.

Paragon Hotel

38 Perry Street, Mudgee

A popular watering hole for the locals, the Paragon Hotel serves up some delicious meals and icy cold drinks. There is a beer garden out the back and a front verandah, both are covered and have water bowls ready to rehydrate your canine pal.

Mudgee Brewing Co.

4 Church Street, Mudgee

For a true local beer, head to Mudgee Brewing Co. just a short distance from the town centre. The brewing takes place in a rustic 100-year old red brick former wool store owned by the Anglican Church and you can learn the history of how the company established itself in 2007 following the footsteps of Dressler’s Brewery, and taste the famous ‘Mudgee Mud’ beer. Dogs are more than welcome in the courtyard and out the front of the building. There are also dog biscuits on hand if they fancy a tasty treat!

Dog Friendly Cafes


Bissy’s Cafe

889 Warrendine Street, Orange

Gather for wholesome and nutritious home cooked food at Bissys, a popular permaculture cafe in the heart of Orange. Enjoy the sun with your pup out in the cosy garden area where there is plenty of shade and water available.

Scrumptious On Summer Cafe

142 – 146 Summer Street, Orange

With hearty, homemade food that’s full of flavour using fresh produce and teamed with great coffee, this cafe certainly lives up to its scrumptious name. There are plenty of tables outside, some which are well covered in case it rains, for you to sit with your pooch as you peruse the varied food and drink menu and watch the world go by.


The Quick Brown Fox

79 Market Street, Mudgee

Located in the heart of Mudgee, The Quick Brown Fox should not be missed when you’re on the hunt for a caffeine fix or a bite to eat. The quiet little cafe is dog friendly and there are various sized, covered tables outside where you can sit with your pet pal.

The Dancing Goat

104 Church Street, Mudgee

For gourmet food and great coffee in the centre of Mudgee, take a seat at The Dancing Goat. Known for its mouthwatering menu and friendly staff, this colourful cafe allows you to sit outdoors with your pet. The seating outside is partially covered and there are also umbrellas available in case the heavens open up.

Artisan on Lewis

13 Lewis Street, Mudgee

An art space, shop and cafe, Artisan on Lewis has it all – even a dog-friendly courtyard! Monthly art exhibitions are held at the cafe, reflecting contemporary country life, and the work of several slow-craft regional artisans is showcased throughout the gallery. Your canine companion is welcome to join you in the hidden and peaceful garden as you try the local, home-made treats. Water bowls are also available.

Alby and Esthers

61 Market Street, Mudgee

Tucked away down a small yet inviting alley, you’ll find the charming Alby and Esthers, a coffee house and wine bar. There is ample seating available in this hidden gem, both indoors and out. Dogs are more than welcome to enjoy the cobblestone courtyard area with their owners, and the leafy grapevine overhead acts as a canopy offering plenty of shade. While you sip on some artisan coffee or a delicious local wine, your pooch can cool down with some refreshing H20 from the provided water bowls.

Dog Friendly Hikes & Walks


Bloomfield Park

Set on 21 hectares of beautiful parkland, and surrounded by native and exotic trees, Bloomfield Park has several areas where dogs are allowed to be leash-free to run and explore.

Orange Botanic Gardens

Relax and enjoy the native and exotic plant collection with your pooch at the Orange Botanic Gardens. The 17 hectare gardens perfectly exhibit the four seasons of Orange and it’s an ideal spot for a picnic, bird spotting or just a leisurely stroll. Dogs on leads are permitted in the garden.

Wirrabarra Walk

For a scenic wander, take your pal for a leisurely stroll along Wirrabarra Walk. It’s a long and shaded stretch, located on the western side of town and along the edge of Duntryleague Golf Course. The path is narrow and it is a popular spot for dog walkers, therefore it is an on leash walk only.

Pilcher Park

Let your dog burn off some energy in Pilcher Park. The park is a well shaded area and there’s lots to explore, including a creek. While the area is not fully enclosed, it is a relatively safe park to let your dogs off the leash.

Anzac Park

If you’re ready for some high intensity exercise with your pet pal then head on over to Anzac Park. It’s the only dog park in Orange with its own agility equipment, including an A-frame, a balance board and rings to run through. The park is entirely enclosed and partially shaded, great for when your pooch needs a well-earned rest.


Glen Willow Sporting Complex

There is an off leash area near the netball courts that allows your pooch to run free.

All off leash areas in Orange & Mudgee (and in other areas across NSW and VIC) can be found from Pupsy Dog Parks directory!

Dog Friendly Markets

Orange Farmers Market

Shop for fresh produce from around the Orange region every second Saturday and fourth Sunday of the month at the popular Orange Farmers Market. More than 60 stallholders gather to offer freshly picked, grown and handcrafted produce each month. Your pooch will be welcomed with open arms (and maybe given a treat or two) as you wander through the market smelling, touching and tasting the best produce from the Central West region.

Mudgee Fine Food Farmers Market

If you want to taste everything the Mudgee region has to offer, then you can’t go past the Mudgee Fine Food Farmers’ Market. Held on the third Saturday of every month between 8.30am and 12.30pm, all produce is local, fresh and seasonal. Tantalise your tastebuds and listen to the serenade of local musicians as you make your way away around the stalls with your furry friend in tow.

All the places in this article (and many more) are also available on Pupsy website. Simply go to Dog Friendly Places & Services and search for any dog friendly places near you or in your holiday destination.

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Thank you and enjoy the beautiful Central West NSW with your dog !

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Top 10 places to take your Mum and Pooch this Mother’s Day

Top 10 places to take your Mum and Pooch this Mother’s Day

Browsing on a mobile? Place your phone horizontal for optimum reading.

It’s Mother’s Day again which usually leaves your pooch at home while you are taking Mum for a nice drink.

Don’t despair, this year browse a few dog friendly pubs around Sydney that will welcome your dog into their beer garden, but when it’s May and quite cold you might want to actually celebrate Mother’s day inside with Mum and Pooch!

Below find our Top 10, well and truly tested 🙂

If our recommendations don’t suit you, here is our complete dog friendly pubs & bars directory:


Enough said, here are our Top 10 dog friendly places Mum will love as well as well as Pooch!

Spend time near the beach, take a scenic walk to Mark’s Park and warm up afterwards at Bondi Beach Public Bar!  Chilled out vibes, great drinks, delicious food and your furry friend is allowed inside… what’s not to like? This makes BBPB our favourite winter place in Bondi Beach…

Click below for more info, opening hours, reviews, map & directions

Frisco Hotel on Pupsy

Frisco Hotel offers you and your pup a great pub experience. Your dog is welcome to join you everywhere in this two-storey pub including the upstairs balcony, which is designed for chilled out afternoons! Have a drink or two while enjoying the CBD and wharf views.

Click below for more info, opening hours, reviews, map & directions

Poor Toms Gin Hall on Pupsy

Want to try something a little different? How about tasting a unique craft gin with your dog? You (not your dog) will sample gin while your pup is either chilling at your feet or saying hi to every other gin lover inside this micro distillery.

Click below for more info, opening hours, reviews, map & directions

In addition to welcoming your dog inside, Public House Petersham also has a heated beer garden for you to relax. Great pub meals and even occasional dog events, so stay tuned.

Click below for more info, opening hours, reviews, map & directions

The Cricketers Arms Balmain on Pupsy
The Cricketers Arms Balmain on Pupsy

Dog friendly pub Cricketers Arms not only allows your pup to join you at the public bar but boy do they know how to make burgers! Super dog friendly staff will take care of you and your pup while you are trying one of the many craft beers on tap.

Click below for more info, opening hours, reviews, map & directions

The Courthouse on Pupsy

Courty is a legendary Newtown establishment to hang out, meet friends (or strangers) and to enjoy great food and drinks. It’s located right next door to the off leash Camperdown Memorial Rest Park, which makes it a perfect after play spot!

Click below for more info, opening hours, reviews, map & directions

The Duck Inn on Pupsy
The Duck Inn on Pupsy

The Duck Inn is a light, bright and airy locals favourite pub. Relax on the sofas or enjoy the bar! The menu is great and the food is tasty, all the right ingredients for a great afternoon out with your pup!

Click below for more info, opening hours, reviews, map & directions

The Marlborough Hotel on Pupsy
The Marlborough Hotel on Pupsy

Newtown’s favourite dog friendly pub The Marlborough Hotel is known for live music, sport and its twist on the classic pub meal. Doggies are welcome to join you for a refreshing drink and chilled out vibes at the partly covered beer garden.

Click below for more info, opening hours, reviews, map & directions

The Newport on Pupsy
The Newport on Pupsy

Not only are dogs welcome everywhere in The Newport, they also regularly organise dog events at this fantastic Northern Beaches venue! Extensive food and drinks menus have something for everyone and weekend live tunes are not to be missed.

Click below for more info, opening hours, reviews, map & directions

The Paddo Inn on Pupsy
The Paddo Inn on Pupsy

With high ceilings and painted brick walls, Paddo Inn has a very cosy pub feel and most importantly the entire front bar is dedicated to our furry friends. The bartenders even have treats to share… with your dog, that is!

Click below for more info, opening hours, reviews, map & directions

For the full list of truly dog friendly pubs in Sydney go to https://pupsy.com.au/places/dog-friendly-pubs-bars/.


Find dog parks near you or discover new places to sniff on Pupsy!

Choose from dog friendly accommodation, pubs/bars, beaches & wineries just to name a few…

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The Best Dog Friendly Country Pubs in NSW

The Best Dog Friendly Country Pubs in NSW

Where can you experience the true aussie traditions and values better than in the country side watering holes? Places to swap stories and witness the true mateship the country was built upon. When these country pubs were established (most of them more than a 100 years ago), more or less every man AND HIS DOG visited them on a regular basis to meet up. But where are the best dog friendly country pubs in NSW that still today invite man’s best friend for a drink? We decided to find out!

We are sure, everyone feels they local should be on the list as one of the best dog friendly pubs in NSW, so if you believe we have missed your favourite one, let us know and tell us why it should be included ;-

This is your Ultimate Pub Crawl For Dog Friendly Country Pubs In NSW!

Chekc out our other Dog Friendly Travel Guides in NSW!

1. Burrawang Village Hotel

14-16 Hoddle Street, Burrawang

Dog friendly Burrawang Village Hotel is located in the NSW Southern Highlands about 2.5 hour drive from Sydney. Dogs are welcome in the partly covered stunning outdoor area. General Store across the road is also worth a visit for an afternoon tea!

2. Carinda Hotel

22 Collin Street, Carinda

In its heyday, Carinda was a bustling outback town — there was a cinema, shops, two football teams and a thriving community. Now, there’s a dog friendly pub and a petrol station. But that hasn’t stopped the remaining residents of this far western New South Wales town coming together to keep their home on the map. Be prepared to hear stories about one David Bowie paying a visit some 35 years ago!

3. Club House Hotel

91 Caswell Street, Peak Hill

Peak Hill is a small country town just under 2h drive from Orange. This dog friendly hotel was built in 1910 and has served thirsty locals ever since. Famous Elvis (in Parkes) and ABBA (in Trundle) festivals are taking place less than an hours drive from Peak Hill making it a perfect stop over or even an over night stay for you and your dog.

4. Cooyal Hotel

1765 Wollar Road, Cooyal

Cooyal Hotel is located about 30 km north-east from Mudgee. Sitting on its own the Cooyal is a quintessential dog friendly Aussie pub where locals come to meet. It definitely have more of a community than a pub feel to it.

5. Hair of the Dog Inn

22 Federation Street, Ballimore

Hair of the Dog Inn is located in a quiet small country town of Ballimore 30km east of Dubbo. Dogs are welcome on all the covered outdoor areas.

6. Historic Bredbo Inn

1 Monaro Highway, Bredbo

Local resident pub dog Bella will welcome you to the Historic Bredbo Inn. She also has some residential special rights and is the only dog allowed inside the venue. Other furry friends can join their human parents on the partly covered outdoor seating area.

7. Jamberoo Pub

12 Allowrie Street, Jamberoo

Located about 30min drive south from Wollongong, Jamberoo Pub is a popular stop on the way to the Southern Highlands. It is definitely worth a short de-tour if you are staying in the NSW South Coast. Dogs are welcome in the covered beer garden as well as inside the front bar!

8. Jindabyne Brewing

4 Nettin Circuit, Jindabyne

Dog friendly brewery just over 2h drive south from Canberra on the shores of Lake Jindabyne. Enjoy a relaxing arvo with family & friends (including the furry ones) while admiring the amazing lake views from the dog friendly terrace. If the weather gets a little too rough, dogs are also welcome inside the brewery.

9. Mount Warning Hotel

1497 Kyogle Road, Uki

Mount Warning is located about an hour’s drive inland (north-west) from Byron Bay. Dog friendly pub Mount Warning Hotel is located in the historic town of Uki and has stunning views of the mountain. Dogs are welcome on the under cover outdoor area.

10. Mudgee Brewing

4 Church Street, Mudgee

Mudgee might be better known for it’s wines but Mudgee Brewing is a great example of how much more the Region has to offer. In addition to tasty craft beers there are plenty of other local produce available. Dogs are welcome on the partly covered beer garden.

11. Premer Hotel

29 Ellerslie Street, Premer

Premer Hotel is located roughly on the halfway point between Dubbo and Tamworth. The original hotel burned down in 2005, which didn’t stop the service offered to the locals. While the new pub was being build (and opened again in 2011), locals were served out of the shed in the premises. Now that’s the true blue spirit! Dogs are welcome on the covered verandah.

12. Railway Hotel

20 Elliott Street, Millthorpe

Millthorpe is a heritage listed village 30 minutes drive from the area’s more famous destination, Orange. Railway Hotel is a true blue country classic that welcomes your dog to join you at the semi enclosed outdoor area with a fireplace to keep them warm during the colder months.

13. Shoal Bay Country Club

35 Shoal Bay Road, Shoal Bay

Destination in itself with plenty of activities on offer, well behaved puppies are welcome to visit Shoal Bay Country Club at the covered alfresco dining area. This is a truly unique spot in the area for all the dog owners to enjoy a superb dining experience with their pups.

14. Surveyor General Inn

22 Old Hume Highway, Berrima

Another epic Southern Highlands dog friendly country pub. Dogs are welcome inside the pub to enjoy the warmth of the open fire and friendly staff. Berrima River Walk is a great way to start the day before heading to Surveyor for a refreshment.

15. The Boathouse Hotel

6/8 Patonga Drive, Patonga

Previously known as Patonga Hotel, this dog friendly pub was bought and renovated by the Sydney’s Northern Beaches Boathouse group. Take a ferry with your dog from Palm Beach and have a play on the off leash beach before heading for lazy afternoon drinks and meal on the dog friendly beer garden.

16. The Friendly Inn

159 Moss Vale Road, Kangaroo Valley

Sydney-siders all time favourite destination, Kangaroo Valley has plenty to offer also for our furry friends. Country side walks, laying by the fire at one of the valley’s dog friendly accommodations and of course visit to the iconic The Friendly Inn. Dogs are welcome at the beer garden but our favourite spot is to sit at the verandah and watch the world go by (rather slowly).

17. The Heritage Hotel of Gladstone

21 Kinchela Street, Gladstone

This NSW mid north coast riverside dog friendly pub is a great place to hang out with your dog on a lazy afternoon! Cold beer, pub food and easy going live music!

18. The Scarborough Hotel

383 Lawrence Hargrave Drive, Scarborough

Just over an hour south from Sydney, you will find one of the most scenic dog friendly country pubs in NSW. Views from The Scarborough Hotel beer garden are hard to match. And the best part is, your dog is welcome to join you to enjoy them.

19. Thirsty Crow

153 Fitzmaurice Street, Wagga Wagga

Iconic dog friendly pub / brewery in the equally iconic country town of Wagga Wagga! Beer flows as the locals gather after a hard days work, with their dogs of course! Of and don’t forget to ask for a special treat for your furry mate!

20. Tilpa Hotel

Darling River Road East, Tilpa

Bush Pub at it’s best! Tilpa Hotel has been a popular stop in the region for over 100 years and it’s easy to understand why! Stunning location, friendly service and no b#$%t attitude to enjoy great company and cold beers. Pups included!

21. Willawarrin Hotel

28 Armidale Road, Willawarrin

Willawarrin Hotel is a small country pub 1h north from Port Macquarie (about 30km inland from Kempsey). Dogs are welcome in the covered beer garden and there is even a designated off lead play ground at the back for the social puppies.

22. Wollombi Tavern

2994 Great North Road, Wollombi

Dog friendly Wollombi Tavern is located on the edge of the Yengo National Park 30 mins inland from the Hunter Valley. Great escape for fine wines into the country side vibes. Wollombi Tavern is popular amongst the locals as well as regular Sydney-siders!

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