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Allow dogs to exercise off leash at Bondi Park between 6am & 8.30am, Mon-Fri

Dog owners in North Bondi and Bondi Beach are not provided with any off leash areas within our suburbs and therefore are forced to drive to off leash areas such as Marks Park in Tamarama or Raleigh Reserve at Dover Heights.
This is not only inconvenient and time-consuming to all dog owners but it also adds to the overall congestion problem within Waverley council especially during the peak hours in the mornings and evenings.

There are +/- 4000 households in North Bondi and Bondi Beach (~40% national average of 10,461* households) with a dog who would benefit from an off leash area within our suburbs.

Waverley Council kindly provides a total of 10 playgrounds in North Bondi and Bondi Beach benefiting 2366* kids under 10 living in North Bondi and Bondi Beach.
Further does Waverley Council provide dozens of private fitness operators and sport clubs approval to commercially use our parks.
These initiatives are great and make North Bondi/ Bondi Beach more liveable, it really is time though to start catering for residents  with dogs. 

We believe that dog owners should also have a fair go and be provided with off leash areas to be able to exercise our dogs sufficiently within walking distance of our homes.

We, the undersigned, petition the Mayor and Councillors of Waverley to:
Make Bondi Park an off leash exercise area between the hours of 6am and 8.30am, Mon-Fri only.

The proposed off leash times are extremely reasonable to cater for the many visitors from other councils and countries.

We understand that owners need to have full control of their dogs and clean up after them to keep the park nice and tidy for everyone.

Council regulation states that you need to live or work in the Waverley council area to be able to sign this petition (Bondi, Bondi Beach, Bondi Junction, Bronte, Dover Heights, North Bondi, Queens Park, Rose Bay (part), Tamarama, Vaucluse (part) and Waverley).
Therefore please provide your Waverley home or work address when signing this petition.
Waverley council will check the validity of the information upon receiving the signatures.

Please share this petition with your friends and let's make North Bondi and Bondi Beach more dog friendly together!

* 2016 Census Data for Statistical Area Level 2 Bondi Beach - North Bondi

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