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We are running these petitions for the community and us on a pro-bono basis and would really love your help to get the word out and make these petitions a success!

Here are a few tips for you to get involved:

  • Share the petitions on social media or your website and help to get the word out.
    Please include this link: and if you like also the campaign image (below image - just right click "Save Image As" or "Save Image" on your phone)

  • Print out the promotional material below and put up your own posters/ hand out flyers
    (Please note only Council residents or people who work in the Council can sign the petition)

Please email us, if you want to help or have any questions!

You can download the posters and flyers for you to print here:

Petition Flyers Barracluff Park

Petition Flyers Bondi Park