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Weekly Viral Videos

Welcome to Pupsy’s Weekly Viral Dogs. Looking for funny dog videos? We got them! Missed that cutest ever dog on Youtube everyone is talking about? Don’t worry, it’s right here. Or what about that adorable clumsy dog on Facebook. Yep, we know!

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Dog quote of the week:

There is no better advice to keep in mind every single day!


Dog Videos of the Week:

At this section we collect the funniest and the most amazing viral dog videos of the week! They may not all be brand new as many classics simply re-surface every now and then, often for a good reason! Enjoy and don’t forget, if you have an amazing video of your pup, send it to us and your pup might be on his/her path to stardom!

This week we have picked 3 amazing capabilities our furry friends possess.

#3 Viral Dog Video of the Week

Accuracy as demonstrated by the Jack Russell Titti!


#2 Viral Dog Video of the Week

Physical ability (including flying)!


#1 Viral Dog Video of the Week

Endless love and caring!


Previous Viral Dogs

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  1. Avatar Gracie on February 26, 2019 at 7:01 pm

    Excellent… love it… already looking forward to next week… 🙂

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