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Our Story

When Lumi the Groodle joined our family we were thrilled! He is very energetic as all the puppies are and loves meeting other dogs as well as their human parents. It soon become clear though that we were not welcome to many of our usual places anymore simply because we now had a furry friend. “You can leave him out tied to a lamp post” or “Sorry, no dogs” were typical answers we were faced with.

After spending days of searching for dog friendly places such as bars, cafes, beaches, accommodation, hikes, camping… we thought this is way too complicated and something needs to be done. Pupsy was born!

We started calling places and to make sure they truly were dog friendly we visited hundreds of them with Lumi, who is now our Head of PR (Puppy Relations).

Today you can find nearly 5000 dog friendly places all over Australia across multiple categories such as pubs, wineries, campgrounds, beaches, cafes and holiday homes. And more are added every week!

We want you to spend quality time with your dog rather than searching for places online.