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Making Australia more dog friendly!


Our Story

G'day pups! It's Lumi the Groodle here. When I joined my forever home, my human parents realised how difficult it was to find places where I was welcome. Luckily for me, they decided to spend a lot of time to call places and add them on Pupsy if they met my definition of dog friendly. As I don't like being tied to a lamp post in the rain (who does?), I need to be allowed inside or at an outdoor seating area that is at least partly undercover. What started as a handful of cafes and bars in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs has now grown to over 5000 dog friendly places across over 20 categories around Australia.


Our Mission

We are dedicated to make Australia more dog friendly.

We help dog owners to spend less time on their phones searching for places to go and more time socialising with their dogs.

We help dog friendly businesses to be found by dog owners and encourage furry customers to leave reviews for the places they visit with their human parents.

We want all dogs to live a happy life and spend as much time as possible with their human parents!


Our Values

Your dogs' happiness comes first, no short cuts!

We believe in good karma that comes from helping each other. We invite every dog owner in Australia to join the fast growing Pupsy furry family. Discover places to visit and leave helpful reviews for other dog owners. We invite you to contribute to Pupsy by telling us about dog friendly places, sending videos and photos of your furry friends exploring the world.

We believe dogs improve our lives and make local communities better places to live. We advocate Australia to become more dog friendly, after all we have one of the largest dog population per capita in the world.