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Dog Health

What should my dog eat?

Supercharge Your Dog Food: What is in your dog food and what is missing? Pet food is probably one of the most difficult & confusing categories to shop for our furry friends. We have all seen statements such as “Complete & Balanced”, “Grain Free”, “High Protein Diet” but do we actually know what they mean?…

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DOG FRIENDLY TRAVEL: COVID-19 Travel Restrictions easing across Australia

Dog Friendly Travel Restrictions easing across Australia: Places to go and things to do with your dog. Although international travel will remain out of the question for quite some time, travel restrictions across Australia will be lifted in stages. We have listed what dog friendly travel and activities are allowed in each State. This list…

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14 Things To Do With Your Dog In Isolation

Many of us are currently in some shape of form of isolation with our dogs. With strong social distancing measures in place for some time our furry companions play an ever more significant role in our lives. They keep us fit and entertained but also provide us with a great social element (they may not…

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20 Must Try Dog Products in 2020

The amount of products that are available to buy for our dogs is absolutely mind blowing. But how to find something a little different such as educational or creative dog toys, sustainable or eco-friendly dog products or just simply funny & entertaining products for our fluffy friends. We have curated 20 of the most amazing…

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What you should know about long car trips with your dog

At some point you will need to take a long car trip with your dog. This may be required to move, go on holidays or visit relatives. Long car rides can be perfectly safe for your dog, and stress free, but there are steps you should take to help your dog in the car. Reducing…

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