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Over 45% of households in Australia live with a dog. Pupsy has already helped over a million dog owners to find dog friendly places

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Pupsy has helped over a MILLION dog owners to find dog friendly venues

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Unleash your FREE PROMOTION by ordering treats for your furry customers

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Roo Chews Free Top Dog Listing

Pawfect impulse purchase for your furry guests. Our Roo Chews (approx. 15cm in length) are one of the highest quality treats available in Australia. Gently air dried kangaroo with no additives, preservatives, fillers or other nasties! Simply 100% protein rich kangaroo!


How does it work?

Fast | Easy | Simple

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1. Order your treats

First order includes 80 treats + the jar

Recommended Retail Price: $3 / treat

Your Purchase Price: $1.50 + gst / treat (incl. delivery)

Minimum Order Quantity: 80 treats.



(2 months with each order)

Top Dog Features

2. Get Featured on Pupsy

Your TOP DOG listing will be created and your venue will feature on searches, travel guides, socials, newsletters... to thousands of dog owners.

Tail wagging

3. See those tails go crazy

Display your treats at the counter and see those tails begin to wag with every purchase. Once it's time for a refill, simply drop us a call / email and we will sorted our for you.


We are so confident your furry customers will love the treats that in case they don't start moving in 2-3 months, just send them back to us and we will refund all the unsold treats to you!

Ready to Order your treats?

Simply fill in the form below or get in touch at [email protected]


Why should we sell dog treats?

A: Treats are a great way to recognise the importance of your furry guests + our high quality Roo Chews come with a FREE featured listing on Pupsy, helping you to reach thousands of more furry customers.

Can't I just buy cheap dog treats from the supermarket and give them away?

A: You can obviously give away low cost treats, however keep in mind that dog owners are increasingly concerned about fillers, additives and other nasties most low cost treats include. Many low cost treats are basically flour, sugar, additives and fillers i.e. not really something we should offer to our dogs. You can proudly offer our Single Ingredient and 100% Natural Treats to your four legged customers.

How do I order more?

A: The treat jar has our contact details. Simply drop us a call / email and we will send the re-fill to you.

How do you invoice us?

A: We will issue you a Tax Invoice and as soon as it is paid, your treats will be on their way

What is the benefit of a single ingredient treat?

A: You know exactly what's included. No fillers, additives, preservatives or anything else your dog does not need. It is also great for dogs with allergies as only a single ingredient is used.