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Read the background article by Dr. Jennifer Kent:
Allowing dogs on public transport could replace millions of private car trips in Sydney every year!

Allow dogs on Public Transport

2,600 signatures = 26% of goal

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Latest Signatures
2,600 Mr Jack N.
2,599 Ms Sarah K.
2,598 Ms Jaclyn H.
2,597 Mr Diego M.
2,596 Ms Kassandra E.
2,595 Ms Victoria P.
2,594 Miss Emily G.
2,593 Mrs Denise G.
2,592 Mr Michael K.
2,591 Ms Samantha S.
2,590 Ms Raffaela B.
2,589 Ms Patricia M.
2,588 Miss Abbe S.
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2,586 Ms Kate D.
2,585 Ms Katrina S.
2,584 Mr George Charles C.
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2,582 Mrs Elaine B.
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2,580 Mr David B.
2,579 Mr Jeffrey F.
2,578 Mr Thomas M.
2,577 Ms Mary F.
2,576 Mrs wendy w.
2,575 Ms Sandra D.
2,574 Mrs Pierina V.
2,573 Miss Jasmin T.
2,572 Ms Penny L.
2,571 Miss Jasmin J.
2,570 Mr David B.
2,569 Mr Ray T.
2,568 Ms Vincent W.
2,567 Ms Sophie J.
2,566 Ms Fabian H.
2,565 Mrs shirley K.
2,564 Mr Tim S.
2,563 Ms Louise G.
2,562 Ms Genevieve S.
2,561 Mr Ron G.
2,560 Ms Elle P.
2,559 Ms Nina B.
2,558 Ms Lauren m.
2,557 Ms J G.
2,556 Mrs Estelle A.
2,555 Ms Susan B.
2,554 Ms Jan R.
2,553 Ms Joanne S.
2,552 Ms Lesley R.
2,551 Mrs Gracie C.