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Read the background article by Dr. Jennifer Kent:
Allowing dogs on public transport could replace millions of private car trips in Sydney every year!

Allow dogs on Public Transport

2,715 signatures = 27% of goal

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Latest Signatures
2,715 Ms. Michelle L.
2,714 Miss. Rachel K.
2,713 Ms. Negin B.
2,712 Dr. James C.
2,711 Ms. Melinda C.
2,710 Mrs. Rebekah K.
2,709 Mr. Ned S.
2,708 Mrs. Aakanksha K.
2,707 Ms. Claudia B.
2,706 Ms Danielle D.
2,705 Ms Ivy J.
2,704 Mr Gonzalo T.
2,703 Ms Carmen T.
2,702 Miss Antonia J.
2,701 Ms Jane L.
2,700 Mr Christian D.
2,699 Mrs Michelle S.
2,698 Mrs Jennifer J.
2,697 Dr. Michael B.
2,696 Ms Annie V.
2,695 Ms Cathy S.
2,694 Mr rainer r.
2,693 Mr Craig T.
2,692 Ms Louise H.
2,691 Ms Rebecca H.
2,690 Mr Tim P.
2,689 Mrs Sara D.
2,688 Ms Ingrid T.
2,687 Ms Viviana L.
2,686 Ms Barbara H.
2,685 Mrs Sandra H.
2,684 Ms Maya S.
2,683 Ms Janine C.
2,682 Ms Jane M.
2,681 Mrs Brenda S.
2,680 Ms Tonya F.
2,679 Ms Vikky L.
2,678 Miss Simone H.
2,677 Ms Samantha W.
2,676 Mr David P.
2,675 Ms Julie F.
2,674 Ms Barbara B.
2,673 Ms Pam J.
2,672 Ms Caroline D.
2,671 Ms Allie P.
2,670 Ms Amy W.
2,669 Ms Rebecca W.
2,668 Mr alois l.
2,667 Ms anne g.
2,666 Ms Jesse J.