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Premium dog essentials for social & travelling pooches

Mewmew Brand is the one stop shop for you and your fur-baby's twinning collection! There is an outfit for you and your fur-baby for every occasion. From twinning tee's to cute accessories.  Whether it's lounge wear or beach wear, Mewmew Brand has you covered. Designed and made in Australia!

Ultra low in sugars and carbohydrates, Healthy Everyday Pets is set to revolutionise the pet food industry. Ensuring each product in the range is full of REAL premium quality ingredients and not sugar-filled JUNK food.

Rufus & Coco is 100% Australian owned and all vitamins, grooming and cleaning products are proudly made in Australia. Everything is built around the promise of providing Well Bred Pet care for pets and pet owners across the world. Tested and proven range for pets includes grooming and cleaning products, toys, fashion accessories and vitamins.

About A Dog, is a small, Sydney-based loo roll manufacturer. Their dedicated team of people who live and breathe toilet paper (not literally), and who care about making sure every-bum gets the best, softest choice of recycled loo rolls.

Their mission is pretty simple. Support Aussie made by manufacturing their loo rolls right here in Sydney and supporting animals by donating 50% of their profits to RSPCA NSW.