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Top 15 Dog Friendly Camping Grounds in NSW

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15 Best Dog Friendly Camping Sites in NSW

Camping with your dog is a highly rewarding experience for both of you. Explore new places and scents or go for a swim in the river nearby. At the end of the day, simply sit and relax with friends and family without the fuzz and buzz of the city. Dog friendly camping is a great way to escape to the rural Australia for a weekend.

There are millions of blogs written about camping checklists so we decided NOT to create yet another one reminding you of bedding, water bowls, tick tablets, first aid kits, leash, collar… you know the drill! In stead we did some extensive study on where you can go camping with your dog and have included over 1000 DOG FRIENDLY CAMPING SITES on Pupsy.

114 Dog Friendly Camping in NSW


1. Pimpara Lake Station

Dog Friendly Camping in Packsaddle

Pimpara Lake Station is located 200km north of Broken Hill making it a perfect getaway if you are looking for a complete remoteness. True blue outback experience with an absolutely stunning sunsets.

2. Lake St Clair

Dog Friendly Camping in Lake Saint Clair

Lake St Clair is nestled among the undulating hills at the foot of Mount Royal Range, approximately 30 minutes north of Singleton. The lake provides a premium outdoor leisure facility. Swimming, sailing, water skiing, camping and fishing are only a few of the popular activities enjoyed on the lake.

3. Bobs Bend

Dog Friendly Camping in Booroorban

The key feature of this dog friendly camping / farmstay operation is the man-made lake, dug by current owners father to provide a swimming pool for the former Booroorban School.

4. Barkala

Dog Friendly Camping in Dandry

If you have your own accommodation, whether caravan, tent or something else, you are most welcome to come stay at the dog friendly Barkala Farm. There are plenty of good ol’ country side activities to do or just simply watch the days go by.

5. Bundarra Lions Park

Dog Friendly Camping in Abington

A lovely wide open green space overlooking the creek. Dog friendly camping site in Bundarra Lions Park has flush toilets, water, rubbish bins, campfires and some shady trees.


6. Turon Gates

Dog Friendly Camping in Capertee

Spread over 6000 acres, Turon Gates is one of the most remote dog friendly camping destinations, yet only a few hours drive from Sydney. Choose from rustic and eco friendly cabins or camp near the river. Or maybe choose something in between i.e. glamping of course!

7. Mystery Bay Campground

Dog Friendly Camping in Mystery Bay

Dog Friendly campsite combined with a dog friendly beach. Win-Win all around. Note that Mystery Bay Campsite doesn’t take bookings so it’s on first come first serve basis. Once you are in the area, drop by at the beautiful village of Tilba, home of River Cottage Australia!

8. Shallow Crossing Camping Ground

Dog Friendly Camping in Mogood

Dog friendly private bush campsite along the Clyde River in Southern NSW. Tidal river offer great swimming for families with kids as well as their dogs. Campsite is located roughly half way between Ulladulla and Batemans Bay.

9. Yadboro Flats

Dog Friendly Camping in Yadboro

Another peaceful spot on the banks of the Clyde River. Pack a picnic blanket and your fishing gear, with bass fishing popular in this area. Other popular activities include bushwalking, swimming and four-wheel-drive touring. Note that dogs are allowed only at the Yadboro Flat camping area and not in adjoining national park areas.

10. Grady’s Riverside Retreat

Dog Friendly Camping in Burrier

Located on the beautiful banks of Shoalhaven river, Grady’s is surrounded by natural bushlands, mountains and cliffs. This makes Grady’s Riverside Retreat an ideal place to bring your friends and family to relax, unwind and enjoy the scenery.


11. Glenmack Park

Dog Friendly Camping in Moss Vale

Beautiful campsite / holiday park in the heart of Kangaroo Valley with heaps of amenities such as swimming pool, canoes, bikes, animals, mini golf…

12. Delicate Campground

Dog Friendly Camping in Crescent Head

Create some family memories at the remote Delicate campground. Being located in Goolawah Regional Park, you can bring your dog along to the campground to join in the family snaps. A fabulous spot for beach camping, this back-to-basics campground has all the ingredients for a classic beach holiday.

13. Coachwood Camping Area

Dog Friendly Camping in Upper Allyn

Chichester State Forest along Telegherry River has been harvested many times over for timber, for many decades – some for over 150 years – meaning the forests you see today are re-growth forests. On the opposite bank to Frying Pan Creek is breathtaking Coachwood camping area. This spot is popular with family groups and those wishing to enjoy river-based activities.

14. Riverwood Downs

Dog Friendly Camping in Monkerai

Dog friendly Riverwood Downs camping area is filled with activities from great bush walks and horse rides to tennis, volleyball or canoeing. Also the rare platypus live in the area so please ensure your dog is under sufficient control at all times.

15. Wollondilly River Station

Dog Friendly Camping in Wombeyan Caves

Family run camping site with owners living within the area. Never crowded and surely not over commercialised. If you are after an affordable bush camping experience with your dog, Wollondilly River Station should definitely be on your radar.


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