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    Looking super chilled there Lumi! Are you sure that is the right size bed for you though?

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  • Dog Friendly Beach right next to the Spit Bridge with amazing views of the sails. Dogs can access the water for a swim and have a run around the 24h grassy area.

    Discover other Dog Friendly Beaches near you […]

  • This beautiful Dog Friendly Beach in Mosman is a must visit for all dogs that love to swim. There is a large grass area to chill or have a picnic. Access to the water is great as the water is rather shallow but […]

  • Silver Beach is a Dog Friendly Beach providing a great outing for your pup. Plenty of place to run and jump into the refreshing water. Dog off lead area is between the 3rd and 4th groyne (the rocky walls) at the […]

  • Dog Friendly Beach at Horderns Beach is a stunning place to take your dog for a day trip. Dogs have access to the water, however check the changing timeshares carefully before going. To avoid sitting in the car […]

  • Greenhills Beach is the only dog friendly ocean beach in Sydney. This Dog Friendly Beach is a great place for the pups who love the water and the soft sand. Beach access is restricted to Mon-Sun 4pm-10am, which is […]

    • Incredible beach, and surprising that it is the only ocean dog beach for the largest city on the continent, when there are small coastal towns with at least as many.

      I’ve dropped a star because the local council is overly-aggressive with policing times and access to the beach. It would be really helpful if dogs could run around the grassy field immediately next to the beach so that they could dry off and shake off sand before getting into cars! However, the council’s rangers are frequently parked close to the entrance or driving around nearby and will scan your dog in order to fine you. I’m always worried that my dog will run from the beach to the water bowl just outside the gate and get nabbed! I think if the council were so worried about this, they could erect a small fenced and gated area around the entrance for a fraction of the cost of having rangers sit there.

      Dog owners please note that puffer fish are occasionally washed onto the beach or discarded by fisherman on the shore line. These are toxic to dogs. There are also periods when many many thousands of bluebottles are washed up. Take care.

      There is a lot of parking pressure at the beach, particularly on warmer weekend mornings. when there may be surf or athletic events. I recommend winter visits too.

    • I was so suprised for how busy the beach was that everyone was so friendly and responsible. Our small puppy had no bad interactions and loved running around in the sand. Was worth the treck out there.

  • Federal Park is a 24h off-lead dog park in Annandale. Dogs are also allowed on the sportsfields except during the games (which would probably be fun for the dogs, not so much for the players). Lot of facilities […]

    • One of our regular haunts. Could be a bit bigger (Jubilee Park is on leash), but having access to the harbour is great. The water can get really dirty though, especially after rain.
      Off leash walk can be extended by following Johnston’s Creek to Smith, Hogan and Spindlers reserve.

  • Clifton Gardens Reserve is a popular Dog Friendly Beach in Mosman. Water views are stunning and dogs can swim from the beach Mon – Fri 4pm-9am (6pm-9pm daylight savings). The parkland is often full with families […]

  • Small 24h Dog Friendly Beach with access to water for the dogs. This is a small park and therefore more suitable for smaller dogs. All size dogs can cool down in the water during the the hot summer’s day.

    Find […]

    • My favourite place to walk, as the long stroll along the foreshore is off leash and there are always plenty of other dogs, cyclists and children to sniff and get a pat from. My owners will often stop by at Bellevue Cottage By Antoine to get a coffee mid-walk, and I can sit outside with them.
      Depending upon tides there are a number of places where it is possible to go down into the water for a swim, although I prefer to watch the other dogs splashing about – and avoid getting my paws wet! A great and enjoyable walk for me and for my humans!

  • Bicentennial Park is a great 24h Dog Friendly Beach / park (west of canal) with swimming access for the dogs. There is a large grassy area with plenty of space to play and run while enjoying the views of the Anzac […]

  • Burrows Park is a 24h dog park with stunning ocean views. It’s relatively quiet park right next to the Waverley Cemetery and hence a great stop for a play in the middle of the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk.


  • Blenheim Reserve is a beautiful 24 dog park with plenty of shade. It has a children’s playground, which is fully fenced.

    Discover other dog parks near you on Pupsy

    Sign up to Pupsy now to find suitable […]

  • The doggy menu at the dog friendly cafe, Naked Brew, consists of one doughnut, a tasty smoothie and a doggie chino. For the two-legged, there are healthy green drinks, sweet Vietnamese-style coffee with condensed […]

  • Camperdown’s dog friendly brewery par excellence is a perfect place to park oneself on a weekend afternoon. There are 12 taps showcasing the latest and greatest brews, food trucks turning out top-notch fast food a […]

  • Store Espresso is a dog friendly cafe in Camperdown. Produce is delivered to the premises daily, and at Store Espresso the food reflects a hint of a modern Mediterranean and casual Italian cuisine. Coffee is […]

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