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Reviews on Places

  • The Grounds of Alexandria | Dog Friendly Cafe in Alexandria
    9 months ago

    This is an instapups heaven! There’s always beautiful backdrops for you to explore and pretty good brunch food for the humans. The outside area of the cafes are dog friendly or alternatively, you can get take away and find a table in the surrounding grounds to eat. There’s plenty of seating, even when they are busy and you might even get one near their iconic fountain. There are also food stall style shops selling sweets, drinks and other snacks and also a florist. We can definitely recommend the pink lemonade. There is a small animal farm which was a hit for curious pups and also just outside near the carpark block, there is a market that sells handcrafts and other trinkets. It is actually quite magical, especially when they have it decorated for Christmas or with one of the Disney movie themes but be warned, it can get squishy in the most instagrammable locations, with kids, prams and people. So patience is key to getting around and getting pics and pups must be prepared to walk through crowds of people on busy days. Definitely carry smaller pups to avoid them being trampled. Another note is to bring your own water for your dogs. When we went, we couldn’t find dog bowls and there also isn’t grass, so make sure your dogs are all good on the toilet front before sitting down for brunch.

  • Moore Reserve | Timeshare dog park in Hurstville Grove
    9 months ago

    This is a great spot to let your dog run. There is a good sized fenced in dog park for those dogs that don’t have great recall. This can be a little dusty though. There is a tap inside the dog park and also one outside as well. Bring your own bowl though if you don’t want to use the communal plastic bowls. There are poo bags at the 2 entrances to the dog park as well and bins. The area outside the fenced dog park is timeshare off leash. There are certain times you can let your dog off but this only applies to the grassed area. Everything else is on leash. There is a paved track around the grassed area so you can also bike or walk with your dog running beside you. Nearby there is a kids playground, easy parking, boat ramp, wetlands walk and bush walk, so your dog and you can definitely go for a bit of exploring after a play off leash. The only downside to this park is that during spring and summer, there can be quiet a few bindis in the grass. It took me a while to remove them from my dogs coats after we went.

  • Lake Parramatta | Dog Friendly Walk in North Parramatta
    9 months ago

    An absolutely beautiful place that feels 1000 miles away. There’s different tracks depending on fitness, accessibility and time you want to spend walking. The lake circuit is beautiful and you’ll get to walk around the whole lake with lots of nature immersive photo opportunities. You will cross some creeks so prepare to get your feet wet if it has just rained, otherwise watch your step on the slippery rocks. There are also some points where there are stairs or logs you will need to climb over. There are side tracks leading out of the park back to different suburbs and residences so be prepared to do a bit of trial and error if you have a bad sense of direction. There is signage but not all the way around as there is generally a very distinct path for most of the track. Definitely bring water as there are no taps till you get back to the bbq area. You can drive into the park and this is where the bbq area is as well as bathrooms, parking, cafe and a paddle boat hire service. This is a great location for a family day out but be prepared as it does get busy on weekends and you may need to park outside and walk into the park which takes around 10-15 minutes.

  • Hogben Park | 24h dog park in Kogarah
    9 months ago

    This park isn’t really off leash friendly. There is a busy intersection on one side of the park and it isn’t fenced in. The park also has basketball courts and a playground that are connected to it increasing the chances of a child rushing over to your dog or your dog doing the same. There is also a bit of a hill on the grassed side and no footpaths. Often there are also beer bottles, broken glass or McDonald’s packaging left lying around which is dangerous for dogs that like to eat/lick anything. On the plus side, this park has really pretty jacarandas in spring and is close to rockdale plaza, McDonalds and the kogarah town centre with easy parking nearby. There is also easy access to water stations/taps and a public toilet as well.

  • Arrowsmith Park | 24h dog park in Hurstville
    9 months ago

    It’s not fenced in and right next to two very busy roads and the railway so it’s definitely not an off leash park for dogs that are still developing recall. Parking is also difficult. You have to park on the side streets and walk back across. There isn’t any dog water stations and the taps are hard to find. The park itself is a decent size though with some trees. One end of the park is quite sloped so if you are bringing prams or wheelchairs, it is difficult to get around. Also there was a lot of litter around the park and dumped trolleys so if your dog tends to pick up things from the ground to eat, this probably isn’t the park for you.