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Reviews on Places

  • Incredible beach, and surprising that it is the only ocean dog beach for the largest city on the continent, when there are small coastal towns with at least as many.

    I’ve dropped a star because the local council is overly-aggressive with policing times and access to the beach. It would be really helpful if dogs could run around the grassy field immediately next to the beach so that they could dry off and shake off sand before getting into cars! However, the council’s rangers are frequently parked close to the entrance or driving around nearby and will scan your dog in order to fine you. I’m always worried that my dog will run from the beach to the water bowl just outside the gate and get nabbed! I think if the council were so worried about this, they could erect a small fenced and gated area around the entrance for a fraction of the cost of having rangers sit there.

    Dog owners please note that puffer fish are occasionally washed onto the beach or discarded by fisherman on the shore line. These are toxic to dogs. There are also periods when many many thousands of bluebottles are washed up. Take care.

    There is a lot of parking pressure at the beach, particularly on warmer weekend mornings. when there may be surf or athletic events. I recommend winter visits too.