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Reviews on Places

  • I am always welcome at Boatrocker! There is a grassy area outside for relaxing or you can hang out inside. Water bowls provided for doggos and there is a large selection of beer and gin for humans. Even though I try to sneak behind the bar to see what’s there! Food is also available from a food truck in the driveway.

  • Doggy Play Park is my favourite place – I come here several times a week! It is fabulous for all doggos, but especially greyhounds because they can run off leash because it is private land (and well fenced). I love meeting my friends (including my girlfriend Violet (pictured)), big and small, for a sniff and a run around. There are three parks – equipment, grassy and agility. You can have a private or social membership and there are many sessions that you can book in to – based on size, breed (greyhound only) or mixed. There is shelter, seating and shell pools to cool off.

  • Madeline’s is an awesome place for breakfast or lunch, before or after a leisurely stroll around Jells Park. There is around 4km of walking track that includes open parkland, a lake, wetlands and birdlife. Dogs are allowed on lead in some areas but I was not allowed in the conservation area. Madeline’s outdoor decking is very popular with dog owners and we had to wait to be seated. The outdoor dining area has many tables and it can get very crowded with doggos. Dogs of all sizes were welcomed but the decking area is small and not be suitable for large or energetic dogs. My long legs had to be out in the walk through. Luckily, the wait staff didn’t mind stepping over me!

  • Fabulous café with delicious food for breakfast or lunch and amazing coffee for my human! There is a coffee window for service outside. I love to stop here for a drink (water bowl supplied) after walking along the Kananook Creek Walking Trail (7.5 kms of on lead walking trail) which is only a few moments away. I also love to go frolic on the beach that is a few minutes away. There is lots of shaded area for me to chill out on the (fake) grass while my human enjoys a drink or meal.

  • A cute café – just for dogs! (human food can be found at a Red Rattler Train cafe nearby). Large selection of delicious, locally made doggy treats to choose from. I could not wait to dig into my meaty muffin – yum! I decided to save my doggy beer and pugacino for later. Welcoming and friendly owner kindly offered take away option for me. Located in a wonderful village with many little unique shops to explore. Ideal for a weekend visit or to celebrate doggy birthdays (or other occasion). Note that this in not an off leash area.