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Quiz – How spoilt is your dog?


Take this fun, interactive dog quiz now and find out!


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  1. Avatar Alfie on February 15, 2019 at 3:23 pm

    LOL! This was hilarious.
    “Your dog receives a lot of treats and attention and you know how to spoil your pup. [not treats, but attention yes].
    If your dog is not invited to the party, you are not going. [correct] If your friends want to meet you at a non-dog friendly place (it’s a shame they even exist), you will influence them to change the venue so your dog can come. [not negotiable]. Your daily routine is built around when you need to walk your dog, play with your dog, cuddle your dog… [more or less!] You probably spend more time with your dog than anyone else but hey that excitement when you come home from work is totally worth it!” [I work from home – bonus!]

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