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Visiting Dog Friendly Places Just Got Easier

Visiting dog friendly places has never been this easy?

Pupsy helps you find thousands of dog friendly places all over Australia! Choose from over 600 dog friendly beaches, 1000 dog friendly campgrounds, 800 dog friendly bars & cafes and many other places to visit with your pooch!

But what if you don’t have a car or don’t want to drive to these places?

Visiting dog friendly places can be a challenge if you don’t have a car or are planning to have a couple of glasses of pinot with your pooch. Cabs are very unlikely to accept your furry friend and they are also not allowed on buses or even trains (unless you live in Melbourne). Uber Pets is only being tested at this stage in the selected cities in the US.  So, should we just leave our dogs at home?

We have some great news for all the female dog owners out there (sorry lads, you still need to find another solution)! Australian female only rideshare service Shebah accepts both you and your pooch in all of their cars.

Simply include a comment about your furry companion at the time of booking and they will allocate a pet friendly car for you.

Whether you are planning to have a lazy Saturday afternoon with your friends (furry ones included), visiting a dog friendly beach or maybe even requiring an emergency vet visit, Shebah will happily take you and your pooch.

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