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The Ultimate Guide to Dog Friendly Daylesford

Daylesford is known for its natural mineral springs and beautiful gardens and lakes. This is exactly what makes this historical town at the foothills of Great Dividing Range a pur-fect place to go on holiday with your dog.

Visit the leafy Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens go for a walk around Lake Daylesford and enjoy the great dog friendly cafe and bar scenery in town.

We have collected the best places to visit with your dog in and around Daylesford.

Where to Stay?

Chestnut Daylesford

34 Hill Street, Daylesford

Build for relaxation, dog friendly Chestnut is located only a few pawsteps away from the beautiful Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens. Go for a walk with your dog around the gardens and maybe stop for a coffee at the dog friendly cafe Wombat Hill House. Head back and relax in front of the open fire or maybe heat up a nice warm bath.

Bilsons Landing

23 King Street, Daylesford

Stay in this architecturally stunning dog friendly holiday house right next door to Lake Daylesford. It simply offers everything you and your pooch need for your visit to Daylesford. Walk around the lake is a fantastic way to start the day!


42 Millar Street, Daylesford

Clementine is a cozy dog friendly house in the heart of Daylesford. You can easily walk everywhere from cafes and bars to the lake and botanical gardens. Recently renovated to a maximise the comfort of you and your dog.

Gumnut Cottage

60 Lightwood Drive, Wheatsheaf

Gumnut Cottage is located less than 10 minutes drive away from town. If you are after some peace and quiet with your dog in the middle of the forest, this may just be a perfect holiday home for you. Gumnut Cottage sits on more than 6 acres so there is plenty of new places to sniff.

Dog Friendly Pubs & Bars

There is a great variety of bars, cafes and restaurants in Daylesford and in the surrounding areas. We have handpicked the ones that not only allow dogs to join you but welcome them. Your furry companion is guaranteed to feel as part of the family in these dog friendly cafes and pubs; and we have even discover a couple of cellar doors for you to visit.

You can find the full list of dog friendly pubs/bars, cafes, wineries and many other dog friendly places in Daylesford, Victoria and even beyond on Pupsy!

Animus Distillery

1 Piper Street, Kyneton

Animus Distillery is located about an half an hour drive away from Daylesford in the town of Kyneton. Dogs are welcome to join you on the partly covered outdoor area.

Daylesford Cider Company

155 Daily Flat Road, Musk

The old school English style tavern vibes are in the heart of this dog friendly cellar door. Only a few minutes drive from town, it is a destination worth a visit.

The Farmers Arms Hotel

1 East Street, Daylesford

The Farmers Arms offers a perfect blend of country charm combined with a sophisticated menu, extensive wine list and professional service. Always a good mix of friendly and chatty locals and visitors our of town. Dogs are welcome at the beer garden.

The Cosmopolitan Hotel

21 High Street Trentham

The Cosmopolitan Hotel is located in the town of Trentham about 20 minutes drive from Daylesford. It has a fantastic dog friendly beer garden/alfresco dining area shaded by century old elms. Visit the Trentham Falls with your pooch before heading to The Cosmo for a drink!

Dog Friendly Cafes

Lavandula Farm

Hepburn-Newstead Road, Shepherds Flat

Located approximately ten minutes North of Daylesford, Lavandula Swiss Italian Farm is nestled amongst the rolling hills of Shepherds Flat. This dog friendly spot is one of Victoria’s most important rural properties. The farm boasts European-style gardens planted out to frame and meander around the original 1850s stone buildings.


117 Vincent Street, Daylesford

Fully licensed dog friendly cafe in the heart of Daylesford is a great place to visit with your pooch. Menu is build of many delicious home made items such as their own yoghurt, fermented pickles and relishes and cakes.

Wombat Hill House

Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens, Daylesford

Go for a walk with your dog in the beautiful Wombat Hill Gardens and stop by at the Wombat Hill House for a coffee or lunch. If the walk somehow failed to make you forget the city life (which we highly doubt) the dog friendly garden seating area at the Wombat Hill house surely will.

Daylesford Farmers’ Market

Vincent Street, Daylesford

The volcanic soil in and around Daylesford is one of the most fertile soil in Victoria. You can witness this by visiting the local dog friendly Farmers’ Market and sample everything the area has to offer.

Dog Friendly Hikes & Walks

Apart from the local high quality produce, Daylesford is known for it’s natural beauty! The Lake Daylesford, Wombat Hill Gardens and countless other spots are perfect places to visit with your dog during the morning mist or in the afternoon before heading to one of the areas many dog friendly cafes or bars.

Jubilee Lake

21 Hallenstein Street, Daylesford

Jubilee Lake is a natural haven for the local wildlife especially the water birds that will be quite often swimming in the lake or near the waters edge. your pup is guaranteed to love to visit the lake, however should be kept on the lead to make sure the local wildlife can also relax in this stunning setting.

Lake Daylesford


When walking around this beautiful lake, it is hard to remember it is actually man made. In the 1890s the idea of creating a lake close to Daylesford and near the mineral springs was planned several times, but the Lake Daylesford didn’t actually get built until 1929 and was officially opened in 1930 with a lot of fanfare and excitement.

Lake Daylesford has become a main attraction for all visitors and regularly used by locals. It is a haven for the local bird life, a place for everyone of all ages to relax, enjoy a picnic, take a scenic walk and enjoy the glorious views it provides.

Wombat Hill

Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens, Daylesford

The Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens are an outstanding and enchanting place to visit anytime of the day or year with your dog. The gardens are built on top of an extinct volcano known as Wombat Hill which can be seen from most locations in Daylesford.

The main entrance to the gardens for vehicles is in Central Springs Road, each side of the Wombat Hill Gardens has an entrance for anyone walking to the gardens from nearby surrounding streets.

All the places in this article (and many more) are also available on Pupsy website. Simply go to Dog Friendly Places & Services and search for any dog friendly places near you or in your holiday destination.

We would love to hear from your experience!

Did your dog find his/her new favourite beach or hike? Was the place you visited not as dog friendly as you expected?

Leave a review and help other dog owners to find the best places to visit with their dogs. Your review will also be super valuable for the dog friendly venues to improve their dog friendliness!

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