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Best dog friendly Park & Pub combos in Melbourne!

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The Best Dog Friendly Park & Pub Combos In Melbourne

There are over 500 off leash dog parks and more than 50 dog friendly pubs & bars in Melbourne. But which ones are close enough to each other to make a perfect dog friendly Park & Pub destination for you and your pup?

We decided to sniff around and here’s the result:

10 Best Park & Pub Combos in Melbourne

FROM Victoria Gardens 

TO Mount Erica Hotel

Suburb: Prahran / Distance: 4 mins walk

Used for Sport, Gardening events and even Opera, VICTORIA GARDENS truly is an oasis in the burbs. Dogs are allowed to play off leash in the sunken oval.

After a play, head down to the dog friendly pub MOUNT ERICA HOTEL for a refreshment. Dogs are welcome to join you even inside this super dog friendly venue!

FROM Elsternwick Park 

TO The Milton

Suburb: Brighton / Distance: 8 mins walk

There is plenty of room to roam and sniff at the ELSTERNWICK PARK off leash area. Easy parking makes it accessible even from further away.

THE MILTON is one of the most dog friendly pubs in Melbourne. You can hang out in the atrium with your pooch on tow or enjoy the sun at the dog friendly courtyard.

FROM Travancore Park 

TO The Ascot Lot

Suburb: Flemington / Distance: 15 mins walk

TRAVANCORE PARK off leash area is super popular with local pooches. It even has it’s own Facebook community. Your pup is guaranteed to make new FFFs (Furry Friends Forever)!

Once your pooch has had enough of chasing and wrestling, why not make your way to the dog friendly bar / pub / drink & food complex, THE ASCOT LOT.

FROM All Nations Park 

TO Welcome to Thornbury

Suburb: Northcote / Distance: 10 mins walk

ALL NATIONS PARK is a great dog park with a massive off leash area with lots of dogs to play with from around 5pm on weekdays. There are public toilets, skateboard ramp, half court basketball, kids play area, community work out station and more.

WELCOME TO THORNBURY, just a few paw steps away from the park on the High Street welcomes you and your pup for an “afterplay” drink. Dogs are welcome in the vast dog friendly beer garden.

FROM Clayton Reserve 

TO The Third Day

Suburb: North Melbourne / Distance: 4 mins walk

CLAYTON RESERVE is completely fenced off so you always know your dog is safe and can’t run off anywhere. Usually no matter what time or day you go you are always going to come across other dogs there, so it is perfect if you have a dog that enjoys socialising and playing with other dogs. 

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday arvo and evening, dog friendly bar & events space THE THIRD DAY roofless booze and food hub dusts off its cement floors, cranks open the outdoor umbrellas and hooks up the beer taps. Your pooch will love it too as very often there are other four legged guests to interact with.

FROM GH Mott Reserve 

TO The Stolberg

Suburb: Preston / Distance: 6 mins walk

G.H. MOTT RESERVE is a cosy off leash area in the heart of Preston. It may not be the largest off leash area in Melbourne but it definitely is big enough to make those tails go crazy. 

Dog Friendly beer garden at THE STOLBERG is exactly what you need after a crazy play at the park. Indulge with rotating craft beers on tap and order some great pub grub while your pooch relaxes at your feet.

FROM Gahan Reserve 

TO Stomping Ground

Suburb: Abbotsford / Distance: 5 mins walk

Southern side of the GAHAN RESERVE is dedicated for off leash action. Your dog is very likely to make new friends at this relatively popular park. Northern end includes a playground and some sporting facilities.

STOMPING GROUND is a great dog friendly craft brewery in Collingwood welcoming dogs into their lush & somewhat rustic beer garden. Your dog is guaranteed for attention regardless of the size or breed.

FROM Fawkner Park 

TO Hunters Kitchen & Bar

Suburb: South Yarra / Distance: 10 mins walk

FAWKNER PARK is a large grassy parkland in South Yarra. South-Eastern corner is dedicated for off leash action 24/7, which your dog is surely going to enjoy.

A short 10 minutes walk away from the Fawkner Park you can find the dog friendly HUNTERS KITCHEN & BAR. Dogs are welcome to sit with you on the large outdoor seating area nicely protected from the wind with the glass wall.

FROM Cyril Curtain Reserve 

Cyril Curtain Reserve

TO Customs House Hotel

Customs House Hotel

Suburb: Williamstown / Distance: 15 mins walk

CYRIL CURTAIN RESERVE is a fantastic ocean front dog walking and off leash destination. Amazing views and surroundings will please you both.

CUSTOMS HOUSE has been a long lasting favourite for families to gather for a weekend pub meal. This waterfront venue is a only a few pawsteps away from the Cyril Curtain Reserve so might as well drop in for an after play drink.

FROM Lagoon Reserve 

Lagoon Reserve

TO The Cricketers

The Cricketers

Suburb: Port Melbourne / Distance: 5 mins walk

LAGOON RESERVE is located in a former industrial area of Port Melbourne on the site of a former lagoon and a short five minute walk to Bay Street commercial and shopping precinct. The native gardens, which contain examples of the indigenous flora of the area are a feature of the park.

THE CRICKETERS is a dog friendly neighbourhood pub nestled in the heart of Port Melbourne. Located on the infamous Cruikshank street, this “hole in the wall” is the perfect place to relax with a G&T, craft beer, cocktail, a genuine pub meal and a wee dram or two! The show stopping dog friendly Gin Garden is the place to be seen. In the summer, the roof is retracted as you make your way through their perfectly served G&T list and delicious nibbles.

Did we miss out your favourite dog friendly PARK & PUB combo? Let us know and we are happy to add it in and credit your dog for the discovery 😉

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